We thank you for your interest in the Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation.

We proudly support organizations and institutions that are dedicated to advancing the lives of young Americans. Below you will find the guidelines for applying for a scholarship or grant.


We provide scholarships to countless deserving young men and women.

Our scholarships are awarded through colleges or universities. Selection of the recipient is strictly by the college or university and is based upon U.S. citizenship, financial need, and a 2.5 or equivalent grade point average. If a student is interested in applying for a scholarship from the Kathy & Jerry Foundation, they should contact the financial aid office at their schools.


We strive to enhance the advancement of learning in the United States.

We offer one-time grants to organizations, colleges, and universities with programs that aid and assist in the moral mental, intellectual, and physical development of young men and women of the United States. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please contact the Kathy & Jerry Foundation.

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