Del Easton Alternative School

  • Year: 2009 - 2010
  • Category: Grant
  • Location: Williston, ND
  • Education Level: High School

The Del Easton Alternative School received a donation from the foundation to assist in their optional setting and programming for students to earn a high school diploma instead of being in a traditional high school program, thereby reducing the number of dropouts.

Del Easton, for whom the school was named, has 37 years of experience in public education.  He was Williston High School’s principal for 22 years and Williston School’s superintendent for 4 years. At the grand opening of Del Easton Alternative School, Mr. Easton said, “This school is a dream come true. When I was the Williston High School principal I often had drop out kids say they would like to finish high school and get a diploma, but not if they had to come back to a different class nor the same old routine. That is when I wished I had an alternative high school for them. I look for this program to grow. It will outgrow this one-room-school. There will be more than one teacher.  It will include not just academic courses but vocational, practical subjects. It will serve students from the surrounding area.”

Mr. Easton also said, “Many a student will get their diploma because they have a different way of getting their credits. They will have to be motivated because much of this will be self-study, and attendance will be crucial. It won’t be easier than regular high school – just different.”

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